“Fickle Finger of Fate Be Damned!”

Patina Prep

If you are old enough to remember “Rowan and Martin’s – Laugh In”, you’ll likely also remember the Fickle Finger of Fate. This Finger was akin to a roulette wheel in its appointment of an individual’s earthly fate. This humorous approach to our uncertain fate, suggested that our destinations were left to chance. For those who aren’t taking the lead role in their own life stories, this fickle finger theory is a reality. Unfortunately, accepting your destiny by default, is more like playing Russian roulette against Universal intelligence, than it is like any casino game in Vegas. In this, the new age of conscious enlightenment, rising awareness has all but annihilated the idea of pointing any finger outward, in an attempt to blame circumstances, situations, or other people for the conditions of our individual or shared earthly fate. When we turn that same finger inward, on our thoughts, intentions and actions, where all the responsibility for our individual fate resides, we recognize that we are indeed, the masters of our own fate and the captains of our own ships on this grand voyage. And so, the Fickle Finger of Fate must be relegated to the landfill with the rest of yesterday’s throw-away commodities. Consciously aware human Beings, whether singular or in groups, can choose to take charge of their own fate (destiny). They can do this by proactively pre-selecting the qualities of the life they desire, then focusing the majority of their energy towards the realization of those life qualities. Indeed the Finger of Fate is on our own hand, so if we are unimpressed by the visions of our future lives, now is certainly the time to point ourselves in a different direction.

In tomorrow’s journal entry, I will recount one of the spiritual visions that I’ve experienced during this life journey. This is day #2 of the “21 Day Upgraded Life Challenge” I’ve embarked upon. This is an exciting worldwide personal growth challenge, led by Jesse Elder – http://www.jesseelder.com . I expect the acceleration of our universal conscious awareness to ramp up, throughout the month of October. The challenge is both temporary and eternal.   

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