“Did We Sign Up For This?”


The Path

Out here on the leading edge of this momentous wave of consciousness ascending, there is a widely accepted belief that every human Being is experiencing a life journey that they specifically chose before they were born. Personally, I am still consciously wrestling with this spiritual concept. Although, I do believe that people create their own realities once they’re here. I’ve also had experiences that might be considered solid evidence in favor of this theological philosophy. In the current moment, I can neither support nor dispute the idea that we came here to live our lives in a completely self-preordained way. This would imply that every interaction and relationship, every circumstance and situation, every epiphany, and yes, even every tragedy we experience, was chosen by our soul, from an infinite menu of possibilities. All this,¬†before we signed the Contract of Existence with the Source of All Creation to start a “Life” here on Earth. And if it is a Basic Truth of our existence, then God must be giving an Almighty Pat on the Back to every spiritual Being in the Universe, for having the courageousness to sign up for the adventure of a Lifetime.

I’ll be exploring this ideology in more depth tomorrow, on the Sunday Morning Edition of the Grand Providentia United Online Journal.


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