“Positive Change: Personal Going Global”


If you desire positive change in your life; If you are dissatisfied with the negative circumstances and situations you continually find yourself in, there is only one road you must travel that will bring lasting results – the road inward. Every guru, shaman, life coach, master, wizard, witch, or warlock is in agreement on this. To change your life for the better, it starts with inner change and progresses outward. Positive personal change effects the way you live, the way you die, and it is also directly correlated to your potential for having a positive impact on the world around you, before and after you die.

So, what does this say about our personal relationship to the world we are living in? It is clearly evident that positive personal change has a direct effect on the world around us. How are we supposed to change the world in positive ways, without letting the darkness and negativity overwhelm us? By insisting that positive personal change (growth) takes top priority in our lifelong journey. Many a tired soul objects to the amount of tenacity, persistence and courage it takes to raise the bar of one’s integrity to this level. It’s hard work! Too much to ask! I mean, it’s ridiculous to require weak and imperfect humans to remain positive, even during these exceedingly negative circumstances (times). It is my personal opinion that the dogma of religion is often used as a rug, under which a person can sweep all of their failed personal attempts at positive change. Being totally transparent and without fear of retribution from organized religion, I will make the following statement: If all of our personal energy is focused on where we go next, when we die to this world, then we are subsequently absolved of any responsibility for our personal behavior on the planet Earth, at this time in the history of the human race. If we are already saved, if our place is reserved in heaven (with or without a thousand virgins), then we can feel entirely comfortable settling for a weak performance from ourselves, here and now. No work, no sweat, no worries. We can point the finger of blame at all the others; the unsaved ones, causing all the pain and suffering in the here and now. And religion is only one of the ways we can “cop out” on our personal responsibility to change for the better (thus changing the world around us for the better). There are health issues, societal class assignments, parental misguidance, karma, cruel misfortune, and a slew of other arrows of injustice we contend with while trying to stay true to our personal responsibilities. The solution to this dilemma? Each one of us can raise the bar of our personal growth in the here and now, and that action will in turn raise the bar for everyone within the sphere of our individual influence. It changes our world exponentially. If you would like a world filled with peace, love, joy and abundance, seek more of these qualities in your own life and watch the very same qualities spread around you like a wildflower bloom. If you want to change the world in a positive way, live positively. Individual intentions have a global impact.

Miraculous personal change is achieved by planting mustard seeds of hope in the fertile valleys of your imagination. Personal dreams become our shared reality. 

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