“Making Your Intentions Known”


This is the era of intentional and interpersonal transparency. Whether you embrace this era graciously, or vow to reject it eternally, the era is inescapably upon us. Our human senses are evolving to the inclusion of the sixth sense, intuition. We can now see each other’s hearts.

The birthplace of personal intention, is located within the heart and mind of each individual human Being. This has historically made it rather difficult, if not impossible, to get a clear “reading” on another person’s intentions. With the recent rise in the conscious awareness of humanity (our shared conscious evolution), there is a very peculiar, yet realistically expected phenomena taking place on the interpersonal level of our species. We are now more capable than ever, of sensing someone else’s intentions, and quite often we can even read the motivations that have driven the other person to form those intentions. Think about the last time you were communicating with a new acquaintance and you had a gut feeling that you didn’t want to embark on a personal relationship with them because you sensed their intentional deceptiveness. You knew their intentions weren’t in line with their tongue. You were receiving danger signals, intuitively, through conscious awareness. If you chose to ignore the gut feeling and delve deeper into the other person’s world out of curiosity, or perhaps you were magnetized by their personal energy as it related to your own intentions, you then made the decision to take the next steps in forming the relationship.  Of course, you were often found asking yourself later – “What the hell was I thinking when I got involved in this dysfunctional relationship?” In my personal experience, I will contend that it was the thinking which got you into trouble in the first place. When we ignore our evolved higher consciousness in favor of the mechanics of our minds, we are usually selling ourselves short. The reasoning function of our mind, often talks us out of reliance on our natural employment of the sixth sense (intuition) during these crucial interpersonal negotiations. In recent years I have practiced the use of intuition in all of my interpersonal affairs. I have found compelling evidence that the sixth sense is more reliable, and more accurate, than my thinking has ever been. Feeling the energy emitted by another persons intentions and motivations, I can always make sound decisions as to where the boundaries need to be set in order to keep my own light shining bright. If the energy given off by the other person makes me feel sad, angry, hateful, bitter, vengeful, or afraid, I have learned to disconnect the interpersonal ties and set them free without condition. On the high side, if the energy makes me feel joyful, peaceful, loving, or content, I can welcome them in with open arms and an open spirit. I can love them without reservation.

Truth and Trust are omnipotent ideals, with regards to integrity in all of our interpersonal relationships. The responsibility to honor the tenants of Truth and Trust, and wear them in absolute transparency in our lives, is a prerequisite to living in Love. 

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