“Seeking, Finding, and Seeking More”


As the journey of life unfolds, it is human nature to imagine a world different from the one we are in. As soon as we start walking, talking, listening, seeing and imagining, we discover that the world around us is not exactly the way we would prefer it to be. We witness injustice, cruelty, poverty and all other manner of negative dysfunction, and we imagine how awesome things would be if we were in charge. On the other hand, we may see flowers, celebrations, nude human bodies, and public displays of love, as disgusting and deplorable aspects of this world, which need to be eliminated to indulge our despotic megalomania. Depending on our leanings, whether we prefer movement toward lightness of Being, or rolling down the legendary Highway to Hell, we imagine a world designed specifically for our personal preferences.

Through our preferences, and more specifically through our spirit, we make choices along the pathways of our lives, which bring us to our destinations and purposes, our epiphanies and calamities, and eventually, our redemption or damnation. For those readers who take issue with the words “redemption” and “damnation” because of their religious connotations, I am using them here with no ulterior motivations. These are the words I’ve chosen to express ideas on a purely personal level. Still unclear? What I’m referring to here is not redemption or damnation by God, rather it is our own assessment of how we’ve performed when we reach the end of our days. If we have achieved our goals of world domination, or we’ve healed our family and friends with our love, then we’ve been self-redeemed. Alternatively, if we were plagued by mutiny and brought low by assassins, or drawn in by fear, failing to honor and heal our family and friends, we suffer the fate of self-damnation. Seeking a higher purpose in life, seems to be inextricably connected to our preferences, especially our heart preferences (Spirit). What drives you? What makes you feel more alive? What do you joy-dream about? Move in that direction to find your Higher Purpose in life. You will either live in abundant love, or die in abject desolation, whatever you prefer.

More about the duality of human nature, the mystery of purpose, and our relationship with the Source of spiritual connectivity, tomorrow on the “Grand Providentia United” blog-site. 


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