“Got Higher Purpose?”


Surely, there is more to our lives than working, restoring our battery power, and working some more. Yes, that is certainly oversimplified to the point of a robotic analogy. Robotics have become one of the “umbrella solutions” to compensate for the weaknesses of our physical bodies. If robots can take care of all that uncomfortable physical motion required in order to manipulate matter into usable things, like robots, then all our problems will be solved. Hold on a second. When I need a robot, who’s gonna materialize my robot for me?

As spiritual Beings living on a physical plane, we require more than just physical energy to keep our life force intact. We require spiritual connection to the matter of the Universe in order to feel whole and alive. For every self-confirmed robot reading this journal, kindly move your cursor to the top right corner of this screen and click the X. Your technological sensors are not capable of interpreting this information, so you can just shut your battery compartment and compute your analytic objections elsewhere! Now that everyone is on the same page, the Homo Sapien Page that is, it’s time to talk about purpose (meaning) in our lives. If you believe we are only here on the physical plane to go through the motions of living and dying, then it is likely that you have been dying ever since you adopted that belief system. Many of us, especially in the western culture under European influence, live our entire lives, seeking a meaningful way to make money. By necessity, we must “make a living”. This seems to fly in the face of the miraculous nature of life itself. Scientists, philosophers, theologians, artists, and every other professional group focused on exploring the human condition are, by consensus, in agreement with the undeniable improbability of our existence. How did this happen? From a singularity? Out of chaos, came order? Universal Intelligence? An Omnipotent Creator? God? However the individual decides to answer the question of how we came to be, the next logical question seems to be why we came to be. Having a higher purpose in life, can link your individual spiritual life force with that of the entire material Universe. Robots will never experience that level of connection, unless we can somehow install hardware consciousness and a software soul.

Exploration of higher purpose will continue on the morrow. Sorry robots, but I’m giving you another day off.  I’ll call you, if and when, your mechanical services are required. 


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