“The Benefits of Presence”


When I shift the focus of my attention and intention to the current moment, life is instantaneously simplified. In that simplification of life, there resides a multitude of beneficial, albeit simple, personal rewards to be gained. Within the current moment, provided that I’m consciously aware of my presence and firmly grounded in the moment, there is miraculously no purpose for negative states of being, such as fearfulness, anxiety, bitterness, or hatred. All these emotional reactions, which can be nurtured into states of being, are reliant on past and future thought constructs for the energy to maintain hold over the human spirit. When the human spirit is centered and focused on now, past and future are revealed as illusions of the mind, while the current moment takes on a quality of timeless significance.

Even physical pain will often disappear in the moment, unless we are intentionally focused directly on the pain. Have you ever been in the “Zone”? You know that feeling you have when you are doing something that sets your soul on fire, makes you feel ultra-alive, and you lose all track of time. You are intensely focused in the moment. You forget to go to the bathroom. You ignore the protests of your whining belly. You even brush off the pain in your stiff neck and sore feet, just so you can continue the work of your passion. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about when I refer to the “Zone”, return to this blog for tomorrow’s journal entry on finding Higher Purpose. If you answered yes to the question of Zone-Time, then you will understand the following statement: Just because you find yourself intensely focused in the moment, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you are consciously aware in the moment. You might be functioning on a purely subconscious level, a movement in and out of conscious attentiveness, or perhaps you are in obsessive-compulsive-ego-drive. Those modes of momentary focus are all detrimental to spiritual well being. The best way to get the most out of every moment of your life, because let’s face it, this moment is all we really ever have, is to become aware that you are alive and present in the now. Recognize your own existence. There is an amazing quality that permeates every moment of life when you become consciously aware. You begin to perceive your own connection with the infinite nature of being alive within the Universe of unlimited potentiality. You are a singular, yet integral life force, that is spiritually connected with all that you have the capacity to perceive. If you are able to fathom the connection you share with all other life on this planet and within the vast Universe (or Multiverse if you prefer), then you will see that your own consciousness is a gift beyond measure. You are the Source of Creation.

States of Being, such as worry and regret, have the power to drain all life force from our body and soul. Worry is a symptom of having to much conscious energy focused on the future, while regret is a symptom of over-focusing on the past. Bring your attention (mind) and intention (will) into the now and your state of Being will be abundantly joyful.


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