“Self-Acceptance = Acceptance by Others”


When a person can fully accept the nature of their own Being, including all of the seemingly problematic imperfections we human beings have been conditioned to reject, they will then find all the acceptance they require from the outside world.

I’m sure that the previous statement will ruffle the feathers of most people who take the time to read it, comprehend it, and make an attempt to swallow it (without regurgitation). When it comes to philosophizing, and speaking my own truth, I am not seeking acceptance from others. If I’ve turned some of you off, I’m sure it won’t take long to find someone else to turn you back on. Besides, this journal post is written for human Beings, not birds. So, may the feather ruffling be somewhat tolerable, to every half-bird person out there. Okay, now that I’ve dispersed the squawking flock of bird people, it’s back to the business of explaining the opening statement. When a person rejects themselves, they are usually rejected by others. Sometimes, they are tolerated by others who have less self-rejection than they do. This gives the tolerant one another imperfect person with which they can compare themselves; someone they can feel superior to. Self-acceptance is key to becoming whole and self-actualized. When one person rejects another, it is usually based in a judgmental comparison of who has more goodness (perfection) and less badness (imperfection). This brings me back to grade school, or even further back, to nursery school, when our developing personalities needed to find acceptance from the other snot-nosed little kiddies, who we then considered our peers. Back then, we had simple yet effective ways to figure out where we belonged, and where we didn’t belong. We would walk up to the other toddler (tiny human being), and ask them if they wanted to play. If they said yes, we were friends. If they said no, we were enemies. We either toddled away crying out loud or giddy with joyful enthusiasm. For the half-bird folks still reading, this sorted out the pecking order in that flock of toddlers. As adults, we find less acceptance from others while we are rejecting ourselves. Until we fully embrace the nature of our Being, the core of who we are, we will continue to reflect our self-rejection on others, and receive their self-rejection in return. With human imperfections in mind, and wholeness of spirit in heart, I made the opening statement with absolute confidence in regards to its validity as a personal truth, for me, on this journey, in this moment. This is the way that I’ve found to live my own life, in total acceptance of Self, thus negating the requirement of acceptance from others. When the need for approval and acceptance is no longer required in order to be at peace with yourself and content with your life, then the rewards of a life lived in joyful abundance, are your’s to embrace.

I am here, you are here, and all of this is here, there must be a reason behind our existence; take ownership of your destiny and join your human family in the adventure of a lifetime! 

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