“Braving the Authentic Life”


“Invocation” bronze sculpture by Buck McCain.

Yes, it takes courage to be the author of your life story. Courageousness is a prerequisite to authenticity. Society seems to insist that its members remain predictably submissive to the rules of normality: Do not make waves, do not color outside the lines, do not get out of line, sign on the dotted line, conform or be exiled. When I first started stepping out of line, so I could take the road less traveled, I was plagued by fear and doubt. What will the others think of me? How can I expect acceptance from society when I don’t understand what society expects from me? Will they put me in a rubber room when they realize just how abnormal I am? Can I pull this whole thing off and live the life that I’ve always dreamed of, without being tarred and feathered, or hung from the nearest tree? Is it really okay to just Be myself?

As I made small changes in the way I perceived myself and the world around me, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to create your own reality. It seemed that this was the most natural way to live, even in a world where the majority rules. One baby-step at a time, I made changes to my perceptions, my intentions and my actions. Consequences taught me how to make better choices, blessings were the rewards of choices well made. Fears and doubts began to fade as I learned more about manifesting destiny. Society’s demands faded along with the fears and doubts. I became more of me and less of everyone else. I learned not to compromise the vision (dream) I had for my life’s journey. In courageous persistence, I learned how to live authentically.

If you find yourself “trapped” in a life of unhappiness, it is within your own heart that you must search for the keys to freedom from the trap.  

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