“The Nature of Our So Called Reality”


This journal entry is written for every human Being who has ever questioned the nature of “Reality” on this physical plane. If you are a human Being who simply trusts in the five physical senses you were born with when you are determining what is “Real”, then I’m quite certain that you will dismiss, or deny, the following information and likely consider it worthless.

Our physical senses; the ones that allow us to see, hear, smell, touch and taste the world around us, are admittedly a superior way to experience the physical world around us. The senses allow us to make some sense out of the whirling masses of particles and energy that comprise the form/material based world of our existence. These human bodies we find ourselves in, are miraculously designed for survival, and quite certainly, proliferation within the environment of the planet Earth (the physical realm). So when we see, hear, smell, touch, or taste something for ourselves, we accept that it is real. We label it, categorize it, judge it (according to our preferences), and then we place it on a mental shelf for future reality checks. We run into trouble when we are relying on the five senses to determine our reality, and suddenly we are confronted with an experience manifested from the spiritual plane of our existence. We have no physical evidence that any experience occurred at all, and yet we still feel the need to treat it as any other physical experience that we’ve encountered. We need to find a spot for it on the shelf. The spiritual realm is, by its very nature ethereal. Our five senses can’t make any sense of it at all, so we tend to dismiss it as unreal. We deny, disregard, and disrespect our own spiritual nature, while we continue to behave as if the reality here on this physical plane, is only perceivable by our five physical senses. We experience pain and struggle when we are locked in resistance to the nature of our Being.

Every human Being has free will to decide how they handle the dilemma of their own spirituality, and how they will to incorporate the physical and spiritual realms of their existence into something that will work for them. For me, personally – I have come to the understanding that I can no longer deny or diminish the role of spirituality within the experience of life on the earthly plane. I’ve equally embraced my spiritual, and physical nature(s), as a way to experience the fullness of a whole life. While I was in resistance of my spirituality, I was in constant struggle and pain, trying to fit in to a world that didn’t seem to fit me. I have found peace with, and harmony in, a world that previously had seemed hostile and unwelcoming. I have discovered my own higher purpose in a world where I had previously felt worthless. I’ve become a whole human Being.

The journey within, has paralleled importance, to the journey without.

Scott Joseph Moore


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