“Venturing Inward to Molly’s Palace”

As soon as he reached the outer ripples of Magpie Molly’s vortex, Nick Twist began to unwind. His previously zig-zagging route through the hills and valleys of the Maine forest, had now become a wide sweeping curve, continually becoming tighter, as if he were actually circling the drain. Molly’s drain. The first time Nick had experienced this pathway to the Palace, he thought sure he was losing his mind. And so, he had struggled to maintain control, grasping at the remaining threads of his disappearing reality, and resisting the irresistible flow of the funneling. He wasn’t sure how many times he had taken the trip since that first time, but he was certain of one thing, it was futile to resist the call of Molly. She was not to be denied. Here and now, Nick was completely relaxed, in fact comforted, by the familiar winding down and gliding toward her sensual polarity. Every time he had been in Molly’s presence, he was struck dumbfounded by her brilliant light, her mystical essence, her wondrous natural beauty. She was every bit of stardust and ancient forest waterfall that a mortal human being could comprehend. During their first blending experience, The Twister was gifted with a moniker to refer to the Goddess – Magpie Molly was simply a way for him to recall her splendor. The fact that there were thousands of Magpies around her always, never squawking or making much noise at all, just murmuring “Molly, Molly, Molly”, made it easy for Nick’s limited understanding to grasp her ethereal presence. As the spiraling approached vortex central, he realized that he was no longer upright, nor moving in the normal way that any self-respecting biped would move. It was as if he were cartwheeling in ever tightening loops. Leaning more forward with every trip around the horn of her magnetism. Presently he was prone, facing down, spinning and moving downward through the lens of Molly’s gateway. This was his homecoming.

Love is what we are made from, and for. Without Love, there is only fear. Fear is insignificant in the presence of Love. 


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