“Sensual Vortex in Deep Woods”

Twisted Nick wound his way through the earthly forest of Skowhegan, using his inner guidance to locate Magpie Molly’s hideaway. It wasn’t simply a matter of following a trail and always picking the right fork in the trail. Out here, there were no trails, except for game trails, and it was dangerous to follow those, what with all the large predators constantly surveying them for an easy meal. Molly had been educated by her Mother on how to disappear in plain view in the wilderness. She was a young Goddess of the Forest; Nick supposed her to be somewhere in her early thirties (human years), but when it came to making suppositions about the Magpie Magnet, Nick knew it was foolishness to suppose anything at all. Whenever he came near this magnificent creature, everything in his rudimentary reality (the world of Nicholas Mason) was turned inside out. He was certain she could see right through him, as if he was, in truth, one of the illusions he had become so adept at conjuring. As for how he saw her? There is an eternal quality about the natural beauty of Molly’s Being, that makes it impossible for any mortal man to make statements about her physical appearance. That may sound like a wheelbarrow filled with euphemistic horse manure, but having had the opportunity to unite with her in the dream realm myself, I can assure you that “She” defies pragmatic observation, most dramatically in terms of sexuality. Magpie Molly is, and always will be, the essence of natural female energy. Men are supremely subordinate to that level of power, Nick being no exception to the rule. He could feel it now. The whirlpool of feminine magnetism had drawn Nick’s heart strings into the flow, and suddenly he was on autopilot. His wandering steps had become effortless strides. He was on his way to the woodland palace of the anguished Goddess of the Forest – “She”, the force to whom all environmentally destructive men must eventually answer.

In my personal experience with nature and the wonders of the planet Earth, I am completely confounded by our inability to see the connection between the health of our environment and the vitality of our own bodies. We continue to poison the garden and expect healthy sustenance in return. This is insanity at its finest: Continuing to make the same unhealthy choices and expecting healthy results.

Life in the Swamp

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