“You Can’t Get to Redemption from Here”

Portrait of Anne

Nick Mason had always found guidance in deep solitude. He found that solitude while roaming the vast evergreen forests of Maine. Throughout his adult life, he had become an habitual missing person. Not that he planned it that way. Whenever life became too complicated or dangerous, Nick would twist and turn his way back into the woods for weeks on end. Sometimes he would try to get lost on purpose, sometimes he would get lost accidentally, but he had no fear of getting lost permanently. The Twist knew he would always end up back in Boston, working his magic, and forever searching for the elixir that would fill the void in his soul. He wasn’t after money, he had plenty of money, under plenty of stones, scattered across all six of the New England states. He wasn’t after women, or any other companionship for that matter. Nick preferred the loner lifestyle. It offered him options that weren’t available to others. He came and went as he pleased, unless he was locked in a cage, and he was loath to accept responsibility for the safety of another human being. It made more sense for him to remain autonomous, especially while performing his twists on the unsuspecting masses of urban society. Although, even Nick needed physical attention at times, and he usually had no problem getting it. He was an attractive man, and one who fit neatly into the Bad Boy category that so many women were choosing from. He never gave any of them his real name, or confided in them to reveal any other personal or business information which would allow them to attach themselves to him. He simply used their neediness against them, telling them what they wanted to hear, and then he was gone. Twisting, turning, and running into deep woods once again. In this moment, Twisted Nick was approaching the deep woods fortress of Magpie Molly. She was one helluv-an enigmatic, sardonic and vengeful witch, but she had a soft spot for Twists, and Nick needed her oracular advice.

I find my spiritual guidance through introspection and reflections from others. It isn’t easy facing the depths of your own Being. Weaknesses and strengths are often bundled together in one big pile of imperfections, which can make you feel powerless in the presence of perfect beauty. In the reflections of other human beings (the ones who are put in my path to reflect my own insecurities), I find a continuing education in self-awareness. I see the Oneness of my human family by focusing on all of the traits that unite us, while trying not to judge the other Being for the traits that divide us. The Twist continues to wind down tomorrow!

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