“There’s Nothing to Fix”

Human Beings are always trying to fix something. We try to fix each other. We try to fix ourselves. We try to fix the environmental issues we’ve created while trying to fix the environment. We live on fixed income. We look for our next fixation. We become fixated on fixing situations and circumstances of our own making. I’m sure you’re getting my point by now. So, what makes us think there’s anything to be fixed?

If you can imagine a portal, leading to the realm of your true Being. And through this portal, imagine seeing yourself as the miraculous embodiment of Life itself. Every sentient creature in the Universe should surely be able to contemplate the miraculous nature of our existence. How did “All of This” come into Being. Obviously, no man or woman on this planet we’ve labeled “Earth”, can take credit for the creation of nebulae, galaxies, stars or even electricity. All of This, cannot be here by chance. All of This functions with unfathomable elegance and incredible efficiency. Let me take you back to that portal now. We enter the portal using our imagination, and lo and behold, we can see, for the first time, the true nature of our Being. We see the Light, the Life and the Love that brought us here to our Earth home. In recognizing ourselves as Miracles of Being, we would have to accept the implications of everything that we’ve been resisting, and attempting to improve upon, since our birth. Believing that we have the capability to reveal all of the mysteries of the Universe, human Beings have historically attempted to improve upon the nature of all things, even nature itself. Perhaps it’s time for us to accept the responsibility for our failed “improvements” on a world that needed no fixing to begin with. True understanding begins at the heart level. Imagine the portal to your Sacred Heart. Take the journey within, to discover the true nature of your own existence. I’m sure you will come to realize that there is nothing to “Fix”.

We intentionally make mistakes, to learn the lessons the consequences will teach us. 

The Path


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