“Diamonds in the Rough?”

Or, are we taken for “granite”? I know what many of you are thinking. It confused me for many years. Why do some people say “granted”, while others say “granite”? As one who has always appreciated the psychological comfort afforded by being grammatically correct, I’ve been quite sure all along that the proper verbiage is “Taken for granted.” However, I could make a case for “granite” as well. After all, in the town where I learned grammar, there was so much granite that I couldn’t go anywhere without stubbing my toe on it, or falling off of it. So, granite is the polar opposite of diamonds, because it is so common. Being a common mill town brat, growing up in a blue-collar lifestyle, and getting dismissed quite often as a “nobody”, I’ve grown more attached to the people who prefer “granite” to “granted”. But I guess, that would be typical for a “Diamond in the Rough.”

Jack Nicholson

Let me take you back to Groton, Connecticut for a day or two. Something extremely important happened to me there. I am convinced that if it had not happened, I would no longer exist on this physical plane. I would not have made it past my twenties. I would not be writing this blog, or creating this artwork, or loving you all, for being part of my life. What I experienced is quite personal, yet it may have grave import to all of humanity and the Earth itself. The experience was a gift from the God of my understanding. I will share it with all of my readers over the next few journal posts, here on the “Grand Providentia United” blog site.

If you like what you’re reading here, please share the enthusiasm with your friends and family. The main intention behind this site, is to gain a following of like minded individuals, so the “Grand Providentia” project will become a reality. I am absolutely certain that the world will reap enormous rewards through the creation of these Monuments to Humanity and Our Natural Environment. 

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