“We Are Always Where We Belong”

Looking back on the (accident?) on I-95, the one I recounted in earlier blog posts (circa 1982), I can see now how that seemingly minor event in my own life could have been so much more devastating, for myself and others. I can imagine scenarios in which many families are still grieving over the loss of their loved ones, had I collided with other vehicles traveling on the highway that summer day. I’m also aware that one little shift in the weight of my car, as I rode down the top of that guardrail, may have caused it to roll over the embankment instead of spitting me back onto the highway. I’ve rarely worn seat belts, until recent years, so in the scenario of the rollover, I would likely have died right then and there. What would that mean? Here comes the spoiler… Wait for it… There would have been no seventeen years of absolute sobriety for me. No union with Pamela, my beautiful wife of  twenty three years, and no amazing children (Christopher and Victoria). As I sit here in the studio of Moore Art Expressions, writing this blog o’ mine, I am horrified by the actions and attitudes of the wild young man that I once considered to be who I Am. Knowing now that the past moments of my journey belong to the past, and my memories of the past are only thoughts and emotional reactions to those thoughts, I am able to detach my identity in the current moment from the former recklessly irresponsible identities of my past moments. No remorse. No regret. No guilt. Only freedom of mind and spirit.

So, now I’m going to take another switchback in our time traveling blog adventure. I’m going back to when I was about twelve or thirteen, as a young boy living in the town of Hope, Rhode Island. There was a river named Pawtuxet (there still is). There were three young friends and an inner tube from a big truck tire. They all went for a float down the swollen throat of that hungry river. I just know you will enjoy the ride down Hope’s memory rapids!

Christmas Morn

This true story will be told on the morrow. I have other creative business to attend to.

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