“Union with the Source”

Down to EarthGuidance from the Source of all Creation is urging me to write the following post. 

This is where I reveal my motivations for writing this daily journal. I’ll clarify the connection between the “Grand Providentia United” project and the blog I am writing. To be completely transparent, I am compiling thoughts and imagery here, to be used in the near future as supportive resources to further the cause of my Higher Purpose. What is that purpose? To bring conscious awareness to my fellow human Beings. More succinctly, to bring awareness of our absolute and undeniable connection to our Earth environment and the Infinitely Expanding Universe. My intentions include the manifestation of five “Grand Providentia” to be placed around the globe as grounding sites for our spiritual connection to the physical realm. These sculptural masterworks will be created through the collaborative efforts of a multitude of artists, architects, designers and technicians the world over. The “Grand Providentia” will incorporate all of the elemental forces of our environment – Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water, with the fifth element of Consciousness invoked through our highest, most positive intentions, during the creative process. We are all from a single source, and we all have an inborn responsibility to preserve the world we share, for the survival of the human species. During the manifestation of these Monuments to Humanity, I intend to use all of the skills, talents and higher education in my lifelong experience, to document and promote this cause. Filmed documentaries, fictional fables and neo-mythical story lines for movies and books, and all manner of visual and auditory artistic expression, are just a few of the potentialities. I’ve started this blog to bring the world up to speed with my thoughts and actions pertaining to this monumental undertaking. The “Grand Providentia” will be dedicated to the eternal nature of the human spirit, and our shared connection to the material foundations of all that we now perceive.

No beginning, no end. This story of mine will seem to be aimless at times, but if you stick with it and join me daily to read, you will find that what at first seemed like a winding path, will become a direct route to understanding.

Scott Joseph Moore



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